A lot of business owners don’t realise that there are alternatives to the main broadband suppliers – do you know that we can supply broadband?

There are many different types of broadband and it’s our job to provide you the best service to fit the purpose and size of your business. Our broadband solutions all come with a service level agreement, so you can be assured that, in the unlikely event of a disruption, we can guarantee someone will be out to fix it within a certain timeframe and your business doesn’t have to stop.

This reason alone is enough to make many businesses move to Bespoke Computing for their broadband supply. They’d rather speak to a local expert quickly than be on hold to a call centre for hours.

If you want to move provision of your broadband to us, we can manage the whole process on your behalf, from talking to trusted hardware suppliers and working out the best deals, to broadband installation and testing. Ongoing, free broadband support comes as standard.

As with any UK broadband supplier, we are registered with and regulated by Ofcom. If you come to us, you are dealing with a single point of contact, not a multi-national business with a call centre. There is no miscommunication, no being transferred between divisions – you call one phone number, and we get everything sorted.

Multi-Site Broadband

If your business spans more than one office or even building, we can provide multi-tenant or multi-site broadband.

Perhaps you occupy more than one office on a business park, or perhaps you have offices spread over a geographical location such as an estate agent, or care business.

In which case we can source a package which gives you the same broadband deal across all sites. This usually makes things cheaper; you can have one bill in place and as always, one point of contact – Bespoke Computing.

Get in touch with us for more information or to start a conversation.

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