Awareness Training

Whilst we highly recommend robust security measures to protect your business from cyber attacks, technology alone isn’t enough to safeguard your business. Cyber criminals will continue to find intelligent ways to infiltrate your business through the smallest of cracks. They often use sophisticated social engineering tactics to manipulate your employees into giving away sensitive information.

In order to combat this, effective security awareness training should be an essential part of your security measures. Your employees are your first line of defence against cyber crime but often within businesses there is a lack of regular security awareness training. If you train your employees to combat cyber threats such as phishing, social engineering and password hygiene, you can add another line of defence against the threat of attack.

We can provide bite-sized training that will strengthen your employee’s knowledge in core security areas whilst also measuring your organisation’s overall human risk.

For more information on effective bite-sized cyber security training for your employees, see Human Risk Management

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