3 Ways Slow Wi-Fi is Damaging Your Business

Slow Wi-Fi - side view of a laptop on a desk with male hands typing.

The vast majority of businesses within the UK use the internet to conduct at least some of their business. Whether that’s through use of a corporate website, an eCommerce store, email communication, a VoIP phone system, online business tools or another of the vast options available to businesses. In addition, and increasingly since the pandemic, UK businesses have adapted to hybrid working as more and more workers connect from home.

When all things tech are running as they should, businesses are productive and efficient. However, when tech ‘lets you down’ and the Wi-Fi connection runs slowly, productivity dips and there is an increase in staff frustration.

The three main ways that slow Wi-Fi can damage your business are: –

1. Employee Frustration

Is there anything worse than trying to do something on the internet and it taking f o r e v e r ?

This is frustrating enough when we just want to order our online shopping or watch the next episode of the latest ‘must watch’ series on Netflix, but when you’re trying to get on and do your job, it’s doubly frustrating.

Slow and unreliable Wi-Fi is one of the biggest headaches employees face when they are trying to do their jobs. The workplace can be a stressful and high-pressured environment, so slow Wi-Fi adding your staff’s troubles will not help morale.

2. Wasted Time

Slow Wi-Fi can be a massive drain on time both for your staff and for your customers. Imagine a client rings up and wants to place an order. Your sales team try to process the order through your online system but the Wi-Fi dips and stalls the software. Your team member and the client are losing precious time waiting for the system to play ball. This will also feed back into point one and will give your customer headaches too!

A slow connection can cost the average UK office worker up to 40 minutes every day due to issues such as buffering and downtime – that’s up to 21 days per year of lost time! Technology should be helping rather than hindering your staff.

3. Lower Productivity

If your staff are unable to work at their optimum pace as they’re wasting time waiting for the Wi-Fi to catch up, they will be much less productive. This will obviously have a knock-on effect to the overall productivity of your business.

It’s not all doom and gloom though…

There are lots of simple things that you can do to improve your Wi-Fi connection as well as things you can consider for longer-term solutions.

We have a handy (and free) guide to speeding up your Wi-Fi, which can be used within your business setting as well as being given to work-from-home employees who can use the tips to speed up their own personal Wi-Fi connections at home.

The guide is written in plain, jargon-free English and gives simple ideas which could make a significant difference to the connection speeds your staff are able to enjoy.

If we can help in any way with your connectivity, or other IT equipment and services, please get in touch.