Broadband Summer Special

Broadband Summer Special

Give your business a boost this summer with a great deal on fibre broadband. Available only until 31st August 2016, you can receive unlimited/unmetered fibre broadband running at 80 Mbps for just £24.95 per month.

Conditions apply:

  • This product is for business use only
  • Available with speeds of 80/20, 55/10 or 40/10 – whichever is available
  • Unmetered daytime usage between 00:00 and 18:00, 7 days a week
  • 500 GB acceptable use policy
  • Minimum contract term of 24 months
  • The connection must be new to Bespoke Computing Ltd
  • Subject to our normal terms and conditions

To find out more about this summer broadband offer, give us a call on 01952 303404 today.