Broadband for Landlords

Are you the landlord of a multi-tenanted commercial premises? Are you looking for an ideal solution to providing broadband to the tenants of each individual let? 

We can provide a fast and reliable broadband circuit to your site to create a ‘landlord network’. We include a management service to maintain the associated equipment to keep this network running at its best. 

The network access can then be sold to your individual tenants, allowing them access to the internet without the need for installations on a plot-by-plot basis, giving you greater control over services.

Case Study

We worked with a Wolverhampton company that was the landlord of a business park. They could only access 2Mb of broadband, which wasn’t fit for their purposes. Bespoke Computing was able to supply dedicated 100Mb fibre-optic broadband.

The business owner was landlord to all the tenants on the estate. As everyone was able to benefit from the increased broadband speeds, the business owner was able to re-coup the cost of the service through an increase in tenancy fees.

Bespoke Computing managed the whole process on the landlord’s behalf, including explaining the merits of the broadband and its capabilities to the tenants.

This system generated income for our client and is an example of the innovation possible with Bespoke Computing.

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