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Bespoke Computing has expertise across IT Support, computer hardware, website and email hosting, VoIP, mobiles, landlines and leased line fibre broadband.

Recipients of our monthly newsletter usually get to enjoy a factoid or two as well…! For instance, did you know that “emoji” comes from the Japanese words ‘e’ for ‘picture’ and ‘moji’ for ‘character’?!

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We send out a monthly eNewsletter to hundreds of UK businesses. We affectionately call the email #TechTuesday, and it goes out on the last Tuesday of every month. There is no “selling from the stage” (don’t you hate that?!). Our emails simply share the IT knowledge that our team has amassed over the years along with tips for you to improve and protect your telecoms infrastructure.

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“Bespoke Computing have made security enhancements to our local network including introducing a dedicated hardware firewall and email spam filtering. They have also enabled staff members to access their work computers off site using a safe and low risk solution. Quick and efficient implementation – would recommend.”

James Benson | Crown Wealth Management

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