Backup Disaster & Recovery

Losing a key piece of computer equipment and, along with it, key electronic files, can be a devastating blow to your business.

Being prepared for accidental loss is just as crucial as protecting yourself from external and internal security threats. What would it mean to you to lose the most important piece of information on your system, right now? Would you be able to get it back? Are you certain?

Nothing in your business can be too secure. Bespoke Computing believes you should be protected from against everything, including:

  • losing a file
  • losing an entire computer system, and
  • the loss of an entire site or office.

Protecting yourself from loss is not as much about having a backup as it is your ability to recover information and items. It’s one thing to have a backup system in place, it’s another to know that backup will not fail and that you will always be able to retrieve valuable information, no matter what happens.

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