Technology for Your Business in 2014

Technology for your business in 2014

There are no January blues in the Bespoke Computing Ltd office and 2014 has kicked off with a flying start. This is same with the CES show in Las Vegas showcasing the latest and greatest in technology innovations.

Bringing matters a little closer to home, what technology innovations and trends can you expect to see this year that will affect the technology for your business?

Growth in the Cloud and Better Connectivity.

You’re stating the obvious we hear you cry, of course there will be growth in Cloud based technology now that the hype in Cloud has started to settle down and businesses are finding their feet in what they can and cannot achieve.

Not often considered or talked about are the increased demands on your Internet connectivity to access Cloud based technologies. Can we expect to see an uptake in EFM and Ethernet Internet access in 2014?

Technology that Delivers a Return on Investment

A drum that has been beaten for many years in our office is the need for technology to deliver value to the business rather than costing lots to sit there and look pretty. Is 2014 the year that business owners start looking at what value they get from technology and how that can be maximised to its fullest potential?

Upgrade Your Wireless Network

More and more of us have smart mobile phones, phablets, tablets and laptops. With these devices all requiring wireless Internet access does your wireless network have the capacity and coverage to provide reliable service?

Furthermore do you know what devices are connecting to your wireless network? Do you control those devices accessing your wireless network or can anybody with the right password connect?

Blurring the Lines Between Technology and Communications

As you start to use your mobile phone for more than just making calls, the line between technology and communications is blurring what were once two distinctive disciplines into one. Once there was a time when you could buy your mobile phone from the shop and it worked out of the box, now your IT person or company needs to configure it for email and other business applications.

In 2014 we’re anticipating a shift from using two separate providers for technology and communications into one single provider. Rather than two separate conversations that inevitably takes more time than you have – one email to your IT partner to say you have a new person that needs a new mobile phone.

Goodbye Windows XP and Windows Server 2003… or is it?

With support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 from Microsoft ending on the 8th of April this year, businesses are going all guns blazing to phase out their old computer systems in favour of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Sticking with Windows XP will expose your business to unnecessary security risks and viruses, vulnerable to attack from outside parties. Replacing your old computer systems takes time and requires proper planning and investment. For these reasons we suspect there will be a lot of businesses resisting change and instead taking their chances with Windows XP.

More Energy Efficient Technology

With the cost of your utilities ever on the increase it becomes more important to understand how much it is costing to power the computer equipment you have. Also with the risk of power outages and brown outs, power protection becomes more important than ever.

Only three weeks into 2014 and a client has already brought us in on a major project to ensure there is power when the lights go out, and we believe this could be the first of many projects like that this year.

Focus on Team Play

Communication is more important than ever in business, cutting out duplication and improving the efficiencies of your team. As your business grows it is crucial to ensure your team plays as a team rather than a group of individuals.

During the final quarter of 2013 we started to see a surge in collaborative technologies and expect this to increase substantially during 2014.

What are Your Views for Technology in 2014?

There are of course only our views and opinions for technology in 2014; we would love to hear your own thoughts and predictions. Use the comments box below or ping an email to and start the debate.

If instead something we’ve mentioned above sparks interest in your business – give us a call on 01952 303404 and let’s talk about the future technology for your business.