Tech or Treat – Avoid a Cyber Scare This Halloween!

Tech or Treat – Avoid a Cyber Scare This Halloween!

With Halloween around the corner, the only horror you should be faced with is what scary film you’re choosing!

One thing that shouldn’t be terrifying is your cybersecurity. To keep that at bay though, you’re going to need more than a crucible or good hiding spot!

You’re going to need five basic security controls. These have been decided by an organisation called IASME, in partnership with the National Cyber Security Centre.

They are there to protect your organisation against the majority of common cyber attacks that are out there.

Now, more and more businesses are being told that they need to get Cyber Essentials in order to win contracts or to deliver to particular government bodies.

We’ve got more and more of our customers that we’re working with to get them through and maintain the Cyber Essentials standard. However, getting these essentials nailed down, isn’t the flick of a switch. It’s a journey. One that we are behind you on every step of the way.

Safety in numbers and all that…

The journey of Cyber Essentials!

Step 1) A readiness assessment.

What we’re trying to do is understand where your organisation is now and the journey that it’s going to take, with a gap analysis. Essentially the journey that your business has to go on to become compliant in Cyber Essentials.

What that will generally do is identify the second step, which is a baseline project.

Step 2) Baseline project

This is where we get all of the systems you’ve got into a place where they can be maintained to that Cyber Essentials standard.

Step 3) Maintenance

It’s not a one-time task.

Your computer systems need to be regularly maintained, regularly checked, audited, and monitored to make sure that the system is secure and compliant.

Step 4) Let’s get you certified!

This step is about assessment and getting you the official certification. We’re routinely working with our clients to get them to a standard of Cyber Essentials, to achieve certification and maintain them.


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