Cyber Security Questions You Should Be Asking

Cyber Security Questions You Should Be Asking

One-way systems are in place, hand sanitising stations are ready, and your office walls are sporting a lovely shade of ‘wash your hands’. The safety of your team is paramount, of course.

With all the commotion of staff returning to work, or continuing to work from home, its likely your cyber security has fallen through the cracks. And that’s not good.

A 400% increase in cyber scams was seen over the month of March, officially making COVID-19 the largest-ever cybersecurity threat (ReedSmith).

Between remote working and service closures, it was a free for all for hackers, scammers, and criminals alike.

Well, that ends now.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recently wrote questions pitched toward the education sector. We felt that every business should ask questions, and so we’ve provided you with a list of eight questions that you should be asking your business and trusted IT service provider.

The eight cyber security questions you should be asking!

  1. The List – One that has all the IT providers that manage and look after the business IT. Do you have one?
  2. The Middle-man – Who coordinates with the IT provider?
  3. Protecting the Crown Jewels – What is the service, system or data that is crucial to the day-to-day running of the business?
  4. The Big Guns – Does the business know who to contact in the event of an incident?
  5. Backup & Recovery – Are you confident you could retrieve your sensitive information? Is it backed up? Kept in a remote location? Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
  6. Policing – Have you got policies in place that communicate the importance of cyber security? Password policies, data communication, access and secure remote logins?
  7. Education – Does your business provide training to staff, whether that’s on policies or awareness of cyber security threats and incidents?
  8. What If – What if an incident took place and your business temporarily lost all its data? Would it still be able to operate?

There you have it. Eight questions from the National Cyber Security Centre that every business should be asking themselves.

If you have any concerns, questions or would just like some friendly and impartial advice, get in touch and come and have a no obligation chat about saving your bacon (and by bacon, we mean business).

Until then, take a look into our cyber security audit.

And remember: Wash your hands.