Signs Your Email Hygiene is Putting You at Risk

Signs Your Email Hygiene is Putting You at Risk

Today we’re talking about hygiene. I don’t mean your personal hygiene, that’s none of my business. I want to talk about email hygiene, and more specifically, keeping the rubbish out of your inbox.

Fun fact for you – 45% of all email is rubbish. It’s just spam you don’t need that clogs up your inbox. Not to mention, gives you heart palpitations when you boot up your email and see 367 for you to go through…

A second fun fact for you (don’t get used to this) – 92% of malware comes via email.

I know right? Email kinda sucks! That’s why it’s so important to get your email hygiene spot on and reduce the chance of any issues in your inbox.

How to Keep Your Inbox Squeaky Clean?

Bespoke Computing is a platinum partner with AppRiver, and many of our clients, including those on Office 365, have their SecureTide email hygiene, i.e their spam filter.

Last week, we announced to our clients that, for free, SecureTide is being upgraded to their new Advanced Email Threat Protection service.

Did I mention the upgrade was for free?

‘So what’s in the upgrade, Chris?’ I hear you ask. Well, I’m glad you asked.

Link Protection!

As part of the free upgrade, Advanced Email Threat Protection has some new link protection capabilities built-in. That means that if somebody sends you an email with a link to a website, and it’s a bad link you accidentally clicked, you’re safe.

That link will now be checked to make sure it’s safe before you get yourself into trouble.

Attachment Quarantine!

The second free feature with Advanced Email Threat Protection, is a new attachment quarantine.

If somebody sends you a Word or Excel document that’s got a macro in, or maybe it’s an HTML file or web page with rubbish in it, you could just remove those threats from the document.

That document then gets forwarded through to you, or you could just turn the document into a PDF. You can then look at the PDF rather than the original file. No corruption in sight.

Message Retraction

Lastly, Advanced Email Threat Protection has a new message retraction feature.

If you have an email that for whatever reason does get through, and goes to inbox of your people, you’re covered. You can use the message retraction tool to go through the inbox and pull it straight back out. Poof, gone. Just like it never happened.

So, to recap, email is bad.

92% of malware comes by email 45% of all email is spam.

If you’re a client of ours, and you already have AppRiver SecureTide, then this upgrade is coming for free. You don’t need to do anything.

If you’re not a customer of ours, or you don’t currently have the AppRiver SecureTide email filter service, we want to hear from you.

Connect with me on LinkedIn here. Or give the office a call here.

It’s time to take your hygiene seriously and today that starts in your inbox.

Until then, go and wash your hands…