How an Email Fail Helped Trump to the White House

How an email fail helped Trump to the White House

The world shifted today with the election of reality star Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States – and the use of technology played no small part in that.

Hands up, Hillary. You didn’t follow email policy, did you?

The use by Hilary Clinton of a private server for her emails and the issue of hacking to get at those emails put a massive shadow over her whole character and campaign and handed “The Donald” the opportunity to consistently label her as “Crooked Hilary”.

It brings into sharp focus the fact that emails and other electronic communications are now the source of the skeletons in the closet (mainly referring to politicians!); they are the environment where strategy is discussed and decisions are made and shared. This is true also for businesses of all sizes.

It should make you ponder for a while what the consequences could be for your business if someone got hold of your messages and attachments, or even if they took control of them and held you to ransom. For this reason your IT cannot be an afterthought to the business of doing business, something that only the staff member who understands it is relied on to handle.

Never was it truer than it is today that, with regard to your IT, that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Hilary Clinton will this morning be ruing the fact that she didn’t understand that.