Is Your Business at Risk from Hackers?

Is your business at risk from hackers?

With lots of high profile stories in the news affecting names from NASA to Microsoft to the UK Government, is your business at risk from hackers?

You might think you are immune but everybody who has or uses a computer has the potential to be hacked unless they take preventative action.

But it is not just big businesses, governments and security services that are at risk and those responsible are not always high profile groups such as Anonymous.

In this short video Super Ninja Hacker Girl explains how ignoring the basics of security can put your business at risk from hackers, with personal and commercial data being stolen or worse.

Super Ninja Hacker Girl is right – too many of us don’t take online security seriously enough, leaving ourselves vulnerable as a result.

For some simple steps to improve your own security read our blog 7 things for better technology security.

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