Could You Get Your Files Back from the Cloud?

Could you get your files back from the cloud?

Do you store your files and other data vital to your business online, using one of the many free or paid-for ‘cloud’ services on offer?  If your cloud service were to close down or be closed down tomorrow, could you get your files back from the cloud?

By using cloud services, you are effectively entrusting all of your data to someone else, who will not necessarily have adequate backup provisions should anything go wrong and you need to get your files back from the cloud.

Even those that do comprehensive backups will often charge you a ridiculous amount of money to recover any lost data. One house-hold name even charges a minimum of £10,000 to recover a copy of your files.

Although every company has a legal obligation to ensure that its data is as secure as possible to protect against loss, more and more business owners are choosing to do things ‘in the cloud’ and ignore the fact they still need to back up instead leaving it to their cloud service provider.

Unfortunately even the big players cannot give you a 100 per cent guarantee that it has your data safely stored for all time. It wasn’t that long ago that Amazon permanently lost customer data during an upgrade by its own engineers.

To Cloud or Not to Cloud… it Doesn’t Matter!

Therefore irrespective of whether cloud and the Internet forms part of your technology strategy or not, the need to have a good backup of your electronic files remains as important as it ever did.

Traditionally we backed up the files on our hard drives using disks and tapes, and perhaps that sort of technique is still appropriate.  You can read our article 7 things that make a good backup to get an idea on what you need to consider for a good backup strategy.

Alternatively if you would prefer, call us on 0845 004 3025 to discuss the most appropriate backup strategy for your business and learn how we can protect your data from being lost in your digital world.