Fundraising for Midlands Air Ambulance that Saved Young Boys Life

Fundraising for Midlands Air Ambulance that saved young boys life

A Telford business is to raise money for the Midlands Air Ambulance charity that saved the life of a young boy, who is about to celebrate his sixth birthday.

Bespoke Computing, based in Stafford Park, has chosen Midlands Air Ambulance as one of its charities after hearing how it helped save the life of Jamie Hancox, the son of a neighbouring businessman.

Jamie suffered life-threatening injuries after being knocked over by a van while playing outside his home in 2011.

He was treated at the scene by an off-duty doctor from Midlands Air Ambulance, who had picked up the call while driving on the nearby M6 and knew he would be able to get there before the helicopter.

His parents Mark and Shelley Hancox feared the worst as their son, then only three years old, spent nine days in intensive care at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Chris Pallett, director of Bespoke Computing, is based on the same business park as Mr and Mrs Hancox’s business and has known the family for several years. On hearing the vital role Midlands Air Ambulance played in saving Jamie’s life, he was keen to do something to help the service.

“In October, the Bespoke Computing team will be taking part in the Long Mynd Hike to raise money for three charities, one of them Midlands Air Ambulance after everything they did for Jamie,” he said.

“Thanks to the doctor arriving so quickly and the rapid transport to specialist treatment in hospital that only a helicopter can provide, Jamie survived and is about to celebrate his sixth birthday.”

Mr and Mrs Hancox, who also have three daughters, have sponsored the Bespoke Computing team and will be there on the day of the hike to cheer them on.

“Jamie wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the exact series of events that followed his accident and Midlands Air Ambulance was a huge part of that,” said Mr Hancox.

“My neighbour saw it happen and immediately called for an ambulance. The air ambulance doctor who was first on scene was off duty but heard the call while driving on the M6 and knew he could get to Jamie quickly. When the air ambulance arrived shortly afterwards, it was able to land extremely close.

“If these three things hadn’t happened, meaning Jamie got such rapid initial treatment and transport to hospital, then he wouldn’t be here today and that’s why he’s called The Miracle Boy.”

Mr Hancox said his youngest child had been left with some brain damage following the accident but was doing incredibly well considering the injuries he had suffered.

“He had been due to start at Windmill Primary School in the September after the accident and, while he didn’t actually start until the December, has come on so much thanks to the incredible support the school has given him, including one to one support,” he added.

Maria Jones, from Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, said: “Several of the incidents we attend are life or death situations, which is why our service is so heavily relied upon as we can airlift patients to the most appropriate Trauma Centre within the all important ‘golden hour’, which was the case in Jamie’s accident.

“We’re extremely grateful to Bespoke Computing for fundraising for our charity as their contribution will help to save countless more lives across our region.”

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