Where Did You Put that Email?

Where did you put that email?

How much time do you waste looking for important emails that you’re having trouble finding? Perhaps it is an instruction from a customer, communication from one of your team, or something else.

Email has quickly become the chosen form of communication, often taking precedence over the telephone. The result of this is your inbox becomes littered with hundreds of folders and thousands of emails – where did you put that one email you need right now? There are many situations where you may need an email from last month or even last year.

Imagine the difficult situation of a proving something to a customer to avoid commercial litigation; the terms of a contract or the price of materials, delivery dates or when monies were meant to change hands.

Alternatively you may be heading for an employment tribunal and need to understand what communication has transpired leading up to it. Has your employee emailed out sensitive information to customers or competitors?

It is not always the end of your world either – what if a customer is coming back to an enquiry they placed more than 12 months ago and you need to know what they enquired about last time, and what you told them.

With Max Mail Archive from GFI you can maintain your email correspondence going back as far as ten years. You control how long email is kept, and who within your organisation can see your emails.

And because Max Mail Archive is a hosted product all you need is a connection to the Internet. No server means quick setup, near-zero maintenance, no hardware, no electricity, and no backups to worry about.

Email stored on Max Mail Archive is encrypted with 256 bit encryption and stored on redundant servers. Your data is completely safe, secure and only accessible by you.

To determine that GFI Max Mail Archive is of value to you and your business, you may trial it for up-to 30 days. To request your trial complete the form below, alternatively call us on 01952 303404.

Exclusively for any organisation subscribing to GFI Max Mail Archive during November 2012, you will receive 10% discount on your first three months.