Security is Key when Data Knows No Borders

Security is key when data knows no borders

Data, and data security for businesses, knows no borders and companies should ensure their systems are protected amid uncertainty following the EU Referendum.

That’s the view from Shropshire IT specialist Chris Pallett who is currently working with a number of Midlands/Shropshire employers on information governance projects.

He was commenting after the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) used the launch of its annual report to stress the importance of data protection after the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

The 2015-16 report, published on June 29, highlighted political uncertainty and changes relating to Brexit as major issues of concern for the next year.

Chris, the managing director of Telford-based Bespoke Computing, said: “The movement of data knows no borders and that means it is business as usual as far as we are concerned.

“The hackers and the spammers out there couldn’t care less whether we’re in or out of Europe – they’re still knocking on the virtual door.

“There will be some companies which may have held off from decision-making while waiting to see what would happen, and although we may be waiting a while longer, IT needs for businesses not to stand still.

Regardless of political boundaries, companies should ensure their data security systems are up-to-date.”

The ICO, the UK’s data regulation watchdog, is in discussions with government about the implications of Brexit on data protection reform in the UK.

The EU is currently developing a reformed data protection regulation, which the UK is working to comply with.

Chris added: “It is too early to say whether these discussions will result in the UK independently carrying out these reforms but businesses shouldn’t wait for external agencies to lead the way when they can take action now to limit their own exposure to the cyber threat.”

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