A Blatant Plug to Save You Money

A blatant plug to save you money

It’s not very often you see a sales pitch on our blog. But here’s a blatant one for you – and it’s aimed at saving you money.

We are experts in knowing what computer is best for your business. That’s one of the reasons we’re called Bespoke Computing – because one size doesn’t fit all.

Of course, we don’t mean just computers, we mean all of the IT equipment which you need to run you business. And we sell the software and the support to make sure that it runs smoothly for you.

So why are we being so deliberate? Because time and time again we are seeing businesses paying over the odds, and spending endless hours, trying to ‘sort’ their IT when the truth is, if you want something doing, get someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you!

And we really know what we’re doing.

We’ve had customers who previous bought their IT equipment at PC World, we’ve had IT managers under budget constraints who’ve picked them up from Tesco on the way into the office and some start-ups who bought the laptops but didn’t realise the major cost involved would be licensing the software. Not to mention the hours lost trying to set the system up!

Now that’s not to say that the above outlets won’t be the place to purchase what you need – but what we can do is advise you on exactly what PC or laptop, or printer, or server, or storage, or operating system (yes, the list is endless!) that YOU need for your business.

Every laptop model or PC model is the same, no business ever is.

We’re called Bespoke Computing for a reason. We work with you to see what you need and with established and credible companies to source only the best equipment for your business.

Then we can help you set it up.

Software packages need to be installed, and if you’ve got staff, are there enough licences to go around?

Are you secure? Firewalls, anti-virus and back-up systems need to be on there too.

Do you need to connect to your office from home, does your staff? That’ll mean having a corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN) set up.

What’s your connectivity like – are broadband speeds good or do you need to boost your connection?

Not sure the person on the checkout can help you with that. But we can.

And at the end of the day, if all you need is the £350 laptop from Tesco, we’d say so.