Mailbag – Answering Your Burning Questions About IT…

Mailbag – answering your burning questions about I.T…

Traditionally used as a word to describe a large bag for carrying mail, the online mailbag is here to answer your burning questions about IT.  Whether you want our opinion on the next big thing or how to get more from your IT – ask and we’ll post the answer here.

In this first edition of the mailbag we answer a question from Chris in Telford(!) about the amount of electricity his computers are using.

Chris asks:

Dear Mailbag,

We keep hearing in the news about the cost of our utilities going up and up but my computer systems are essential to the running of my business.  Is there anything I can do or should I accept my electricity is going to cost more?

Chris, electricity consumer in Telford.

We replied:

Dear Chris,

As you can hopefully imagine our business also has a lot of computer systems running, and each quarter our electricity bill is eye-watering.

Just like your lights the simplest way to reduce your electricity consumption is to turn your computers off at night when you’re not using them.  There are other things you can do and we wrote about these recently on our blog.

Alternatively you could ask your employees to power their computers using bicycles, perhaps not a great idea.


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