How to Make Home Working Work

How to Make Home Working Work

26% of Brits are planning to continue to work from home, post-pandemic.

That’s 23.9 million people!

With many people feeling as though they are more productive at home due to fewer distractions (at least when the kids are at school!), it’s not surprising businesses are happy to implement remote working.

Although your team may be out of the office, they are still your responsibility as an employer. There are some things you can put in place to ensure your work from home team are happy, motivated and productive.

Here are 5 of our recommendations:

1 – A Dedicated Workspace

Help your team find a space at home where they can set up a work environment. Preferably somewhere light, with good ventilation, close to the internet and enough space to move around.

It’s also important to help draw the line between work and play, which is much easier to do with a dedicated space.

2 – Fast (as possible) Internet

Slow internet speeds are frustrating. This will definitely have an impact on the productivity of your staff, but also their morale!

Your options here could include providing them with a dongle or subsidising them upgrading to a better service.

3 – Dedicated Tech

Provide your home workers with the right equipment. They shouldn’t be working on their personal devices. Not only might they not be powerful enough, your data security could be at risk too.

4 – Collaborative Software

Being out of the office, it can be tricky to allow teams to stay up to date and work on projects collaboratively.

Software such as Microsoft Team can provide an inclusive remote working culture, staying up to date with tasks and working together on documents, and also catching up ‘face-to-face’ with other members.

5 – Make Them Feel Involved

Organise virtual socials or send out goodies for a team lunch. Making your team feel ‘as one’ can improve morale, mental health and productivity.


If you have any questions about any of the points mentioned, want some help implementing or even have an idea you need a hand with, give the team a call on 01952 303404.