Have You Met Max?

Have you met Max?

Max has been a valuable member of the Bespoke Computing Ltd team for the last 7 years; second to Chris making the tea (yeah right!) his job is perhaps the most important within the business.

It is Max’s job to keep a watchful eye on the large number of computer systems entrusted to by our customers for management on a day-to-day basis.

What Max looks for can vary depending on the computer being looked at.  It may be something obviously such as ensuring the antivirus is up-to date and your hard drive is not about to fail, or it could be more discreet such as checking orders from your website have been received OK.

And when Max finds something that he isn’t happy with he makes sure the rest of the office knows there is a problem.  A ticket is raised on our support system, the big screen in our office flashes and makes noises, and for the really serious problems Max sends a text message to the duty engineer.

Max is so committed to watching your computer systems that he can diligently check each computer as often as every 5 minutes.  He works 24x7x365, never stopping for a break and never calling up sick.

You might expect Max to be paid a whopping salary for the effort he puts into ensuring that your computer is running smoothly, but thankfully he is just a piece of software costing pennies per hour.

Max loves doing his job and is always on the lookout for more computers that would benefit from his watchful eye, either under our management and supervision or yours.

If you would like to meet Max and introduce him to your computers then please give us a call to put something in the diary – 01952 303404.