Failure to Keep Up with Technology Stunts Growth

Failure to keep up with technology stunts growth

Businesses are at their least productive since the Second World War – a problem which one Shropshire businessman believes could see UK PLC falter in its economic recovery.

The Government has already said that closing the productivity gap is one of its key priorities.

And technology communications expert Chris Pallett believes the issue of declining productivity is something affecting businesses across industry sectors, and particularly service and manufacturing sector SMEs.

“The Office for National Statistics figures show that the absence of productivity growth is unprecedented in the post-war period.

“Of course, limited investment in operations, processes and infrastructure will be part of the productivity puzzle but invariably you see that companies which are standing still are those which have failed to embrace fully the digital revolution.

“This isn’t about having a website, email and e-commerce capability – it is about making use of new technologies which are designed to help businesses be more productive.”

Technology hardware specialist Canon recently found that more than a third of SMEs thought they lacked the skills to deal with technology when asked their views about IT adoption.

Mr Pallett, managing director of Telford-based Bespoke Computing, said: “The research showed that the vast majority would only buy a new printer for the office if they were forced to replace the old one – which means no thought has been given to how a new printer may be able to replace the fax, the scanner and the photocopier too!

“It isn’t just hardware that can help drive productivity though, the use of mobile technology and cloud computing has made it easier than ever to work smarter, yet many companies are failing to investigate how this can help them grow their businesses.”

Bespoke Computing has its headquarters on Telford’s Stafford Park and serves clients throughout Shropshire, the wider West Midlands and beyond.