Chris Marks his Twenty Years in IT

Chris marks his twenty years in I.T.

When you’ve got two decades doing anything under your belt, it’s a sure bet you can be called an ‘expert’.

Well, whatever it qualifies you as, that’s the milestone our MD Chris Pallett has reached with his career in IT.

Bespoke Computing MD, Chris Pallett – marking 20 years in the IT sector

From putting his foot on the first rung of the ladder as an apprentice fresh out of Telford College of Arts and Technology (TCAT), Chris has gone on to gain experience and qualifications with big name firms before taking the ultimate step of starting his own business.

Now he’s well known in the tech sector and thoroughly appreciated by a raft of clients whose businesses continue to reap the benefit of those bespoke solutions that kept them working, kept them safe and didn’t come to them hidden behind a barrage of unfathomable jargon.

From the outset Chris decided it was entirely possible and utterly reasonable to talk to people about this potentially complex subject in normal language. Hiding behind acronyms is unnecessary if there’s nothing that needs hiding, he reasoned from the start.

It’s an approach that stands the test of time and which is, in fact, even more relevant today in this world of fast and wide open communication.

An awful lot has changed in tech in twenty years, in fact it’s undoubtedly one of the fastest moving sectors, but Chris has relished the constant learning and certifications and kept Bespoke Computing, and himself, at the cutting edge of this field of expertise.

And the start given by that apprenticeship hasn’t been forgotten, with Chris putting numerous apprentices of his own through the system, in turn giving them the start he benefitted so much from.

So, here’s to you boss. Congratulations on the first 20. We wonder what you’ll see in the next two decades!