Add Transparency to Your Business – Part 2

Add transparency to your business – part 2

Previously we wrote about the benefit of a business having transparency over its operation and how technology plays a part in that.  Technology helps you measure your key performance indicators or track the activity of your team – helping you understand detail such as the profit margin on a job.

Transparency also extends to your technology operation itself.  A small business will invest 1 – 2½ per cent of its annual sales on technology, which is £2,500 on £100,000 sales and £25,000 on £1,000,000 sales.

This makes it especially important in smaller organisations where the management of technology is often outsourced to external organisations like Bespoke Computing Ltd. What value are you getting for your money?

In part one of the blog we told you how we proactively monitor hundreds of systems on a 24x7x365 basis to find issues, dealing with them quickly and before they become problems.

You also read how every interaction with a client, every piece of technology we supply, install and configure – it is recorded within a massive computer system that can be later used to analyse and report upon the service we provide.

For our managed clients we take this data on a monthly basis and produce a series of reports that details to the client what works we have delivered in exchange for their monthly investment with us each month.

The output from the monitoring systems is also shared with our clients, meaning that they know every system we monitor is working effectively and any problems have been dealt with.  Clients have clear visibility on what their key systems are doing.

And these monthly reports are produced in words the client can understand, ensuring that they know the health and status of their technology operation and the work that has been done to maintain it – from preventative maintenance to problem solving.

The end result is complete transparency of the services that we are providing – our clients know what their technology is doing for their business and that they are getting value for their investment in Bespoke Computing Ltd.

Can your IT provider demonstrate what they are doing for your business in exchange for the money you pay them each month?  If the answer is no and you are unhappy about this, give us a call on 01952 303404 to talk about IT management or request your business technology review now.