Windows Risk Should be Checked Now!

Windows risk should be checked now!

Urgent updates have been rolled out for Microsoft Windows after Google researchers found a serious vulnerability in the software which could give an attacker control simply through an email.  Microsoft has acted quickly to provide a fix, but all Windows users need to do some checks now to ensure they are safe.

Chris explains the issue and the solutions in more detail in this short video.


Bespoke Computing Managing Director, Chris Pallett, explained: “This was a very serious flaw in the software that could allow someone to take control of a computer with a single email – without even opening an attachment – but, to its credit, Microsoft has responded supremely quickly and it is being patched across the world right now.

“Users and system admins need to ensure they allow their Microsoft security products to update to the latest version as soon as possible. Most should do it automatically but if not there will be an ‘update’ option in the settings to force the download and installation of the patch. Our clients are safe because they do not rely on the affected Windows Defender as their first line of defence.”

If you’re not sure whether your computers are secure, here are 7 steps to boost business data security.  Alternatively, if you would like an expert opinion, fill out the contact form below.  It is our passion to make sure businesses are safe online.  Just don’t leave it until it’s too late; much easier to have this in hand than to deal with the consequences!