What Have You Ever Wanted to Know About Backups?

What have you ever wanted to know about backups?

Talking backup is one of those difficult conversations for a business.  An evil necessity because you’re protecting against something that may never happen, it is often hard to understand and made far more complicated than it needs to be.

Having seen too many individuals and businesses lose all of their files, wearing our Virtual IT Director hat is is our responsibility to provide the best advice on backup and data recovery solutions.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know, last year we straw polled our client base and by email asked them their one big question about backups.

What can we say about the response?  Wow! Here are some of the questions you asked:

  • What is the process for getting our data back, and how quickly can the business be back up and running?
  • Where is our data stored?
  • How do we know and prove that the tape backup we take each day has actually captured what we want?
  • Where would we house the office staff in case of a disaster?
  • Should I use an external data centre (Internet backup) and if I should, should I also have an on-site system?

With just those 5 questions there is a lot to think about, where do you start?

At the beginning!  On Friday the 24th of February between 9am and 11am we are running a business briefing on backup essentials, answering the backup questions that you want answering.

The briefing takes place at the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce on Stafford Park in Telford, there is a nominal charge of £15 plus VAT for the venue hire (£10 for Chamber members and FREE for local charities).

There is more information and booking details about the backup essentials business briefing here, alternatively you can call us on 01952 303404.