What Does the EE and BT Deal Mean for You?

What does the EE and BT deal mean for you?

You can’t fail to have noticed that the UK’s largest mobile network (EE) has joined up with the country’s largest fixed line telecoms provider (BT) to create a huge new multi-play business.

The EE and BT deal that has been announced will create a very powerful concern that will deliver a huge portion of this country’s communications.

Many of our customers are also customers of EE and BT. We have offered EE services as part of our packages for a long time, so we thought it worth addressing this change.

As a seller of EE services we’ve been kept in touch with what the new-look business will mean for our clients and we’re keen to share that with you.

In short, nothing about your day-to-day services or relationships should be expected to change:

  • Your mobile devices will continue to display the EE network identifier with their connection indicator
  • Nothing has changed with your account management; there remain the same contacts and processes
  • EE apps will continue to function normally
  • Billing details will remain the same
  • Numbers and plans will remain the same
  • Terms and conditions will remain the same
  • If you are planning to carry out any upgrades to services or packages any time soon, that can happen as normal, there are no changes or breaks in service

As you will now have figured out for yourself, that all amounts to a big “carry on as normal” and that’s very much the message EE and BT are keen to ensure we all have.

They have announced that the two brands will continue to exist (for now at least).

Benefits All Round?

Of course the reason for any deal such as this is to benefit from shared strength, knowledge and, importantly, efficiency.

For us as customers this is all likely to amount to new, possibly more converged, products and services in the future. Given how effective EE’s WiFi calling product is, now that BT owns it could we be seeing the end of the traditional telephone handset in favour of a smartphone that handles all lines and numbers depending on where you are???

It’s actually quite exciting from a technology point of view!

For our customers we will continue to offer solutions which make use of either EE or Vodafone, depending on individual requirements and preferences.

So, as you were, but watch this space…