The Best Anti-Virus Protection for your Computers

The Best Anti-Virus Protection for your Computers

Nearly all businesses have some kind of anti-virus protection going on, whether it has been installed by their IT provider or otherwise.

Not all anti-virus products are equal and some are better than others.  The real test is when something happens and you become a victim of malicious software, unfortunately that is too late.

Prevention is always better than a cure, rather than leaving it to fate here are three reasons and a special offer why you should look at ESET Smart Security for your computer systems.

Less Likely to Slow Your Computer Down

Proactive detection of malicious software means running your protection all the time, and that means taking up valuable system resources that you could use for other things.

Compared to other products on the market, ESET does not slow down your computer and lets you work and play without constraints.

Better Scan Times

Running in the background means that files do get scanned, and that means that scan speed is important.  It’s about checking the most/largest amount of files in the least amount of time.

More Proactive Detection

And it doesn’t finish there.  It’s all well and good checking for malicious software but how do you know what to look for?  This chart shows the quality of detecting new malware, which illustrates the potential of the product to protect your computer in real time.

A Special Offer

Only available from ESET partners like Bespoke Computing Ltd, you can get 25% extra free on any ESET business license ordered before March 31st.

That means for a 1 year license you get 3 months extra, on a 2 year license you get 6 months extra, and on a 3 year license comes with 9 months extra.  A superb bargain to be had.

Terms and conditions apply, for more information about this promotion and for pricing information, contact us now by calling 01952 303404.