Shropshire Company Crowned Small Business Specialist

Shropshire Company Crowned Small Business Specialist

A Shropshire IT company has been made a Microsoft small business specialist and is set to help dozens of businesses across the Midlands.

Microsoft Small Business Specialists are supported by Microsoft and undergo training to help prevent costly and time-consuming mistakes that can spell disaster for smaller companies.

Bespoke Computing, based on Stafford Park in Telford and run by the Shropshire chairman of the Chartered Institute of IT Chris Pallett, now carries the prestigious title.

Mr Pallett said: “The competency is given to us in recognition of our contribution to Microsoft and their product set. It means we are trained and proven experts in the Microsoft products most relevant to small businesses.

“The idea of the Microsoft Small Business Specialists are that they work quickly, efficiently and accurately.

“They are able to recommend and supply the latest and most appropriate Microsoft technology for your business and they make the job look easy, because it is – for them.

“Microsoft Small Business Specialists look after small businesses day in, day out and have access to specific resources for small businesses.

“IT solutions can improve your company’s productivity and as specialists we have extensive experience managing small business networks and know what IT solutions will address your business needs. We also offer valuable IT support.”

Mr Pallett said the company, which has been running in the county for seven years, is very focused on helping small businesses. “I am really pleased to be able to say we have achieved this title and will continue to provide assistance to people across the Midlands,” he added.

For more information contact Mr Pallett at Bespoke Computing on 01952 303404.