Shropshire Businesses Backup Up Confusion

Shropshire Businesses Backup Up Confusion

The Shropshire chairman of the Chartered Institute of IT is to host a business briefing on backup essentials after a survey showed county companies have dozens of unanswered questions.

Chris Pallett, of Bespoke Computing in Telford, said many businesses are unaware that a company unable to recover within 10 days of serious data loss is unlikely to survive.

He said: “Talking backup is a difficult conversation for a business because it is protection against something that may never happen.

“But we trust computers with everything – our files, family photographs, even our trade secrets and backing up those important documents is less complicated than people may think.”

Chris asked business owners in Shropshire what their single biggest question would be regarding data backup and disaster recovery and is holding the backup briefing after receiving a huge response.

“I received some really good questions, people wanted to know what the process is for getting data back, and how quickly the business could be back up and running, where the data was stored, the options of internet backup or on-site backup systems and many more,” he said.

“Because of the lack of knowledge about backups, which are an essential security measure for any business, I will be holding the business briefing to give people the information they need.”

The briefing will take place on February 24 between 9am and 11am at the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce in Telford.

It will look at why backup is needed and the risks of not taking the right measures, the types of backup available, how businesses know it is working and much more.

To help cover the cost of the venue a contribution of £15, or £10 for chamber members, plus VAT is requested.