The Rapid Progress of Technology

The rapid progress of technology

Barely a month after we wrote about our first ever computers, there have been even more stories in the news highlighting the rapid progress of new technology – and its vulnerabilities.

In current technology news is the release of the new iPhone 5S and its cheaper brother the 5C, with its much lauded fingerprint system. And within less than a week the fingerprint scanner has been hacked with photographs of a fingerprint on glass.

Then is the news that Blackberry, one of the world’s most recognisable and iconic smartphone brands and synonymous with business, was in financial trouble and had to be sold.

And eight men have also been arrested for their alleged involved in a £1.3 million theft from Barclays, in which the bank’s computer was hacked.

All of these are further examples of how, despite the rapid progress of technology and accompanying security advances, the ‘hacks’ to get around it progress just as fast.  And as the Barclays ‘heist’ shows, the cost of not securing your business systems properly can be incredibly high.

The security challenge is compounded by the rapid progress of technology with new threats appearing on a daily basis, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed and be concerned about what defensive action to take.

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