How to Start Planning for a Big IT Project

Planning an IT Project

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business, and making an investment is a major step. It can mean a big commitment – not just of time, but also of money, effort and headspace.

If you have business systems that need bringing into the 2020s however, you may be considering changing things, and planning your major IT project in the right way could transform the way you do things.

It is vital that you fully plan and prepare before you press go on any big IT project.

Even smaller projects should be looked at in the same way. Is it worth spending money on new kit now when you’re considering changing the way you work six months down the line?

Considering the long term goals and vision for the organisation is a crucial part of any IT project planning – be that big or small projects.

We’re here for advice at any time, but no one knows your business better than you.

Therefore, before you get the experts involved, take some time to get these three things straight in your own mind.

1. Understand how you got to this point in your planning. Is this just about IT, or do you need to look at your processes and your workflow? Are your team doing daily tasks as a workaround for something your current system was never designed to do? If there’s an opportunity to simplify your processes, everything becomes easier – including your IT projects!

2. Define everything you want to achieve in your ideal world. Write down all your questions that start with: “Wouldn’t it be great if…”

3. Think further ahead to your business as it might look in two, three, five years from now. Design systems that can evolve with your business – your future self will want to reach back in time and shake you by the hand.

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