Matthew – Still Here and Not a Wally!

Matthew – still here and not a Wally!

Something we’re getting asked quite often recently is a simple question: “Where’s Matthew?”

It always raises a smile because it’s so reminiscent of the kids’ “Where’s Wally?” books (no offence, Matthew…).

The thing is, just like those books, where you have to spot the hero in a busy landscape, Matthew is still with us; he’s just a bit harder to spot in the crowd as we continue to grow!

If you’re a client of ours but don’t know Matthew Parrott, our senior support engineer, it’s likely because you’re a more recent member of the Bespoke Computing family.

He is as much a fixture here as our MD, Chris, and like him is a man of many talents, ensuring he has close contact with clients at many points in their relationship with us.

Always in the Background

Now, though, as we’ve gone through a conscious period of expansion (including a move to new, bigger offices) Matthew is less likely to be the first or second point of contact you reach. That’s not to say he’s not there orchestrating IT excellence on your behalf in the background, stepping up to deal directly with issues that need his touch when necessary.

We’re delighted that we have grown into a bigger team, but without watering down the essence of customer service and efficiency on which we pride ourselves. With multi award-winning new additions now among our number, there are great people ready to help when you need them.

Don’t worry though, you’re still welcome to ask: “Where’s Wally Matthew?” and he’s as happy as ever to say ‘hi’.