Is the Desktop Computer Dead?

Is the desktop computer dead?

As technology continues to shrink with desktop computers turning into laptops and laptops turning into tablets and phones the idea that that the desktop is “dead” is often a hot topic.

recent report from IDC Canada says in the past choosing a new computer was determined mostly by budget, but that now the price gap between a desktop and a laptop is so much smaller the desktop/laptop split has gone from 50/50 to 32% desktop and 68% laptops.

Taking price out of the equation the report said that buyers go for laptops for mobility, when space is tight, when employees need to work from home or for telecommuting.

But that buyers go for a desktop when they have applications which need specialised hardware such as large monitors, high powered CPUs and hardware add-ons and when it needs to be on all the time. The report also says desktops are, on the whole, easier to upgrade, they last longer and are not as enticing to thieves.

When businesses are looking to sort out IT they often go in ill-informed about the options and may end up spending more than they bargained for in the long run.

Some of the laptop’s basic accessories include a bag to put it in, a spare charger so you can have one at work and one when you are on the road, a mouse for when you are deskbound and an extended warranty – which are typically two to three times more expensive on a laptop compared to a desktop.

Those that are desk-bound a lot often invest in a docking station, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse – and laptops that are docking station compatible are more expensive.

And then you should think about ergonomics – looking down at a laptop can put huge strain on the neck, shoulders and back and can cause problems in the long term.

But then when you look at the number of entrepreneurs starting out who do not have an office immediately and either work from home or travel to do all of their business a laptop can be a necessity.

The hot topic of desktop vs laptop is not as simple as you may think, irrespective of how small the difference in price a laptop is not always the right tool for the job.

You need to be clear and understand the purpose of having one over the other….a few years ago the laptop was a bit of a novelty, almost a status icon – it’s not so much about that any more so it is important not to be stuck in the past.

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