iPad Controversy! Apple Users Love it, the Rest of the World Couldn’t Care Less

iPad Controversy! Apple users love it, the rest of the world couldn’t care less

Sporting the customary black mock turtleneck and Levi’s jeans, Steve Jobs announced to the world the newest product to come from the multinational giant Apple, the iPad. News went around the world in a flash with media and social network channels going crazy.

Simply put, the iPad is a tablet based computer weighing less than a kilo; Jobs described it as the “third category” between the smart phone and the laptop, BBC Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones dubbed it as a giant iPhone.

The iPad is positioned between smart phones and laptops with existing technology like the netbook; whilst industry experts have questioned the need for such advice, Jobs boldly dismissed netbooks as inferior quality laptops.

There is some discussion as to whether the iPad will be as success as previous Apple products like the iPhone, and certainly comes at an interesting time with Apple announcing a 50% increase in profits earlier this week.

Interestingly the reaction to this new product, as the headline of the article suggest, have been controversial. As expected the Apple fan base cannot get the product quick enough, but on Twitter there is a new trending hash tag of #iTampon.