Focus on Added Security for IT Specialist

Focus on added security for I.T. specialist

Beefing up customer computer security systems and protecting data will be a focus for investment in 2017 for a Telford IT specialist.

Bespoke Computing, which moved to new offices in Stafford Park in 2016, is introducing new and enhanced software and hardware to help clients’ ensure their computer systems are safe not only from external cyber attacks, but internal misuse.

Last year a report on cyber security revealed that staff attempting to use someone else’s credentials or passwords, misuse of confidential information and breaching data protection were among breaches identified by businesses.

Around 74 per cent of small businesses had a security breach that could cost from £75,200 to £310,800.

Managing director of Bespoke Computing, Chris Pallett, said it continually reviews client security systems but with new attacks happening every day, it was vital that IT infrastructure providers remain at the cutting edge of cyber security technology.

He said: “We’re always looking ahead for the next development to ensure our clients’ IT systems remain as safe as possible. After all, if an organisation like Yahoo! is vulnerable to attack – it recently disclosed that a breach of more than one billion user accounts occurred in August 2013 – so are they.

“New security options we’re offering in 2017 include multi-factor authentication using a company which makes the banking fobs that the high street bank HSBC uses – and the fob system is also available to get onto your computer. It’s not very expensive – a 10-user installation with hardware tokens is £1,000 plus the installation cost – but it could save businesses thousands of pounds in recovery time if a breach occurs.

“We also investing in cyber awareness training for customers as it’s really important to educate your staff not to click on the links in emails. This user training will reduce the likelihood of a phishing attack on your IT system and is well worth the peace of mind at just £50 per user per year for this training.”

Bespoke Computing Ltd is also offering clients that opportunity to encrypt their hard disks – which will stop information falling into the wrong hands, even if the system gets hacked