Finishing the Year on a High

Finishing the year on a high

The end of 2012 marks the end of a very successful year for us at Bespoke Computing Ltd and 2013 is expected to build on that success and widen our reach across the nation.

The past 12 months has seen the business continue to grow its national coverage with clients coming on board from as far south as Cornwall, as far north as Scotland and across the M62 corridor and inside the M25.

Our clients now vary across a huge variety of industries from leisure, construction, financial services, marketing, a Telford manufacturing company with US parent, technology and a an international haulage company covering the UK and Europe but based in Ireland.

As well as celebrating our 9th birthday in 2012 we have seen an increase in sales of 30% on the previous year and to help sustain the increase we recruited two more people into the business, with plans for two to three more staff during 2013.

Saying Thank You!

We have to thank our current clients for our huge success as much of our business comes through referrals from happy and loyal customers.  And rather than just say thanks for all of the business we have implemented a Rewards for your Referrals scheme to give structure to something that is becoming a habit!

When clients are kind enough to present us with a referral that results in done business they will be given a choice of a selection of wines or champagnes, a hot air balloon experience with Virgin, a Fortnum & Masons hamper or a Google Nexus 7 tablet.

To end our year on such a high and have so many great things to look forward to in 2013 is down to clients keeping their ear to the ground and listening when contacts talk about challenges with technology.

We are extremely grateful and wish them all a fantastic 2013!