Why Everyone in Your Business Needs Cyber Security Training

Why Everyone in Your Business Needs Cyber Security Training

Every good business leader knows that training is essential for a highly productive team. Why should that stop at your cyber security?

We talk a lot about cyber security being like an onion. It has lots of layers and each one adds another source of protection.

Cyber security training is just one of those layers, helping ensure your business does not become part of a sad statistic.

What is Cyber Security Training?

Cyber security training aims to increase your team’s awareness of the ways that cyber criminals can try and break into your IT systems, what they can do to help prevent it and why they should care.

Things they would learn include:

  • How to spot different types of fake emails and what to do with them
  • Risks that come with social engineering by methods such as email, phone and text
  • The security tools that can be introduced and why we use them (for example, password managers and multifactor authentication)

As the business leader, you should also be taking part in the training. You are likely to be the target in your business, because you will have access to shed-loads of sensitive information that the bad guys want to steal.

By ensuring these training sessions are regular, you can keep your team (and yourself) up to date with the latest cyber crimes and trends and develop a really great culture of security awareness in your business.

Where Can I Find Cyber Security Training?

There are loads of great resources and training providers out there, varying on the level of knowledge you want to instill. The National Cyber Security Centre offer a range of great free resources that you can look through on their website.

We offer a product with usecure, that hosts fantastic features such as:

  • Extensive range of topics
  • E-learning course builders and follow-up assessments
  • Video and interactive courses
  • Monitoring and assessments of human risk with regular simulations
  • Policy and procedure templates
  • And real human support

Everything you need to help drive employee cyber awareness!


If you have any questions about cyber security training for your employees, or even about the strength of the cyber security in your business currently, get in touch with our team on 01952 303404.