Do You have a Spam Plan?

Do you have a spam plan?

Traditionally America and the UK are very different in everything they do, from TV to politics the two countries rarely have things in common.

But when it comes to protecting themselves from spam it appears the majority of businesses in countries across the globe are failing to take advantage of the latest technologies available to defend their networks.

recent survey of 200 US businesses and 200 UK businesses showed that although the majority have anti-spam measures in place, the majority rate them as marginally effective or not effective at all.

In fact 53 per cent of US respondents and 61 per cent of UK respondents report their spam actually increased during the last year.

So is it that businesses are not worried about the damage spam can do? Apparently not as 29 per cent in the US and 23 per cent in the UK cite their top security concern as malicious links and files harboured in spam.

And they have a right to be concerned as spam is still a preferred tactic of cybercriminals and although it appears to be ‘the norm’ for a lot of people these days it can be dangerous and a real threat to businesses.

Nearly 90 per cent of all respondents in both regions say they regularly educate employees about the risks of opening spam that arrives in the inbox, but what businesses really need to think about is is this enough?

The worst thing is that if they find out the answer to that question is no it may already be too late…

Are you doing enough? Not sure how to combat your spam?

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