The Business for Children Awards in 2015

The Business for Children Awards in 2015

Much of our day to day work is helping business owners grow their companies; either by working to make their technology run smoothly, enable their businesses to do more and operate more efficiently, or something else.

And watching the businesses grow, gain more clients, and achieve their own goals and objectives is one of the best things about providing a business service.

One of the common things between our business and all of our clients is people, we all employ and rely on people to run our organisations.  Without people there is no business.

It is therefore important that we support our own people and those working for our clients by giving them recognition where due.  This year we have already supported both the Shropshire Care Awards and the local Young Enterprise awards, for 2015 we will for the second time be sponsoring the Business for Children Awards.  The 2014 winners are pictured above.

We will again be supporting the award for the Educational Business for Under Fives which was last time won by Penny Hustwick and her team at ABC Day Nursery.

It is great to see the nominations for this category as early education for children and young people drives the workforce and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

A child at one of these nurseries could easily be the Steve Jobs or Bill Gates of tomorrow.

The Value in Supporting Our Young People

As a business owner I invest a lot of time and resource in apprentices as I very much believe in utilising the potential of young people and encouraging them to thrive in the business world.

The businesses that work with the under-fives, focusing on their first experiences of education, have a wonderful role to perform and those that go the extra mile to do it deserve to be honoured.

I am already looking forward to seeing the businesses that are nominated in the category I am sponsoring – and all of the categories in the awards – and am looking forward to meeting them on the evening of the ceremony in March.