Why Your Business Should Adopt MFA Now – Before it’s Too Late

Adopt MFA Now - Cartoon cybercriminal tiptoeing with cartoon mobile phone showing username and password and a cartoon image of a man tapping in his password

Many of us log onto our devices, apps and systems with a username and password. Sometimes passwords are very insecure (how many of you use, or know of someone who uses something like ‘password123’? — Be honest!) but even when complex passwords are used, you’re only using one piece of ID/authentication factor to gain access.

These days, that is simply not enough.

We highly recommend the use of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) which adds extra layers of security to your organisation’s digital presence.

Implementing M4A means that you need at least two pieces of information to log in to a device or an app. Usually a password plus a fingerprint, and/or possibly an extra, single-use code sent to your phone etc.

Here’s the top three reasons why we recommend that all businesses should adopt MFA right now:

1. Protection from Credential Theft

If your passwords were stolen (or guessed if they were too simple), a criminal can easily gain access to all your tools, apps and systems. However, by using MFA, that extra layer of security blocks thieves getting in with your password alone.

2. Other Security Tools Work More Efficiently

If a cybercriminal gained access to your systems with a stolen password, they would be able to bypass your antivirus software or firewalls. Adding those extra layers of security would mean this wouldn’t be possible.

3. It Saves You Stress

Having your digital data stolen through a data breach is a massive headache. Not only that but it could spell the end for your business completely. And that would cause you even more stress. Implementing MFA enables you to stop worrying about cybersecurity quite so much. If a member of your staff did happen to fall for a phishing scam, your accounts will still remain secure.

There are other reasons why we strongly recommend that all businesses adopt MFA now. You can read about these as well as more on how MFA works and what it means for your business in our free guide.

Cybersecurity is what we do every day. If you’d like a jargon-free conversation with an IT expert, get in touch.