Condover College Ltd

Condover College Ltd

College brought up to speed by Bespoke Computing

Condover College Limited is an independent specialist college which delivers support and further education to young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. It operates across approximately a dozen sites in and around Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

The Client

When it became apparent that the organisation was outgrowing a system of using free email addresses made available by its internet service provider, it turned to Bespoke Computing.
It quickly became apparent that beyond the email issue, the college had more fundamental IT concerns which needed to be addressed:

  • Poor internet connectivity, due to the geographic location of its main site
  • Unreliable voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) telephones, also hampered by poor connection speeds
  • Open access to the internet by users, allowing for potential security and safeguarding issues

The Solution

Bespoke Computing successfully presented a proposal to take over all of the telephone lines, broadband and VOIP services for the entire organisation.
In addition we proposed the installation of WatchGuard firewalls at each location, significantly enhancing security and access controls at every site and preparing the way for the sharing of data resources across those sites in the future.
Our reappraisal of the connectivity options revealed that Bespoke Computing could bring a tremendous speed boost to the sites for a lower cost than the existing very slow connections.

The Outcome

Condover College now enjoys the benefit of a 50Mbps dedicated fibre circuit into its main site.
In addition, Bespoke Computing engineers have reconfigured the broadband connections at each of the college’s sites and installed a new, modern, fit-for-purpose VOIP solution for calls, updating all of the telephone handsets in the process.
Achieving this major VOIP upgrade also involved Bespoke Computing liaising with network manager, BT Openreach, and industry regulator Ofcom, due to issues presented by the incumbent provider.

To minimise the impact of the telephone system changeover, we also supplied and managed a number of mobile phones, with associated usage packages – an improvement on the previous use of pay-as-you-go handsets which the college had been purchasing on the high street.
The installation of high-speed data circuits, new VOIP phones and their associated management systems, plus enhanced security and inter-site connectivity, has ensured that Condover College is now fit for the future in terms of IT and prepared to more easily take advantage of future upgrades and the introduction of new capabilities when they become necessary.

Why Bespoke Computing?

Condover College Chief Executive, Vikki Pryce, explained: “When we first approached Bespoke Computing they came highly recommended from another provider. Chris explained things in a way that even the biggest technophobe could understand and made you feel that your questions were important and valuable.

“I can say that, without him realising, he has certainly improved my knowledge and confidence with our IT. He made suggestions as to the changes that would benefit the organisation but was not at all pushy with getting our business.

“Bespoke have made some huge changes to our phone and computer systems all of which have been totally successful and achieved with very little disruption.

“Bespoke Computing have lived up to their recommendation, I would certainly highly recommend them.”